Discover the most enchanting attractions in Faro!

carmo church

1. Museu Muncipal
Integrated into the ancient 16th-century convent of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, this exceptional and award-winning cultural spectacle is worth finding only for the gorgeous Renaissance cloister.
The permanent collection covers prehistory, the Roman, Moorish, and medieval eras, as well as the 18th and 19th centuries and it’s arranged chronologically. Roman relics discovered at nearby Milreu are prominently displayed, but while you meander through each gallery in silence, keep an eye out for the expertly made Arab oil lamps, some of which look a lot like Popeye’s pipe.
Admirers of 16th-century sculpture will be mesmerized by the exquisitely carved Manueline statues, but the most impressive display is the massive Roman floor mosaic, which dates to approximately the third century AD and depicts a fierce-looking Neptune.

2. Carmo Church
Seeing the charming cathedrals in Faro is among the most fascinating activities you can undertake here- and one of the most exquisite churches in the Algarve is Carmo Church.
Built in 1719, the twin-towered baroque church suffered significant damage from the 1755 earthquake. Only completed in 1878, the external repair was financed with riches from Brazil.
It’s delightful to see the beautiful and complex gilt carved altars with lots of cherubs within Carmo Church.
However, the remarkable Bone Chapel at Carmo Church is what draws the majority of visitors.
Every available surface in the chapel is covered in the bones and skulls of over a thousand monks, which are arranged in various geometric patterns.

3. Enjoy Algarve’s special dishes
In addition to the desire to see well-known tourist destinations and have unique experiences, there is also the curiosity to sample local cuisine.
You should definitely take advantage of the chance to sample Portuguese food when visiting the Algarve!
When visiting the Algarve, you should sample some of the following foods: Cataplana de Mariscos (seafood mixed with herbs, tomatoes, and white wine), Bacalhau à Brás (fried potatoes, codfish, and parsley mixed with eggs), Grilled sardines, enchidos (smoked sausages stuffed with various toppings) and pastéis de nata (the well-known Portuguese custard pies).

4. Tavira
Tavira’s stunning old town is the ideal day trip destination from Faro. With origins dating back to the Bronze Age, Tavira is well-known for its Roman and Moorish architectural styles.
Wander around the historic cobblestone streets, stop by the mediaeval hill castle and relax at the stunning nearby beach.
Taking a tour is the ideal way to make the most of your time in Tavira. This will free you up to unwind while your experienced tour shows you the highlights. You can select a trip that best suits your interests while riding in an electric tuk tuk- an open bike carriage vehicle.

5. Ancient ruins of Algarve
Near Faro, there are two noteworthy ancient sites to explore: Milreu and Aljezur. Whereas the latter was a Município (town), the earlier was an old Roman settlement.
You can get a decent sense of what life was like in the area during Roman times by exploring the well-preserved ruins at Milreu. An informative guided tour of the remains will help you gain a better picture of Roman life.
Visit the Faro Cliff Railway, a narrow-gauge railroad that hugs the 400-meter-tall cliffs, for an alternative kind of exploring.
Enjoy breathtaking views of the Faro cityscape and shoreline from the top of Europe’s oldest funicular!

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