Visit the most beautiful places in Algarve!


1. Albufeira’s Old Town
The Old Town is the best place to begin your Algarve vacation when you first get there. This charming maze of white-washed buildings, charming plazas and winding cobblestone pathways feels like a voyage back in time; you could catch a glimpse of the true Algarve.
The meandering cobblestone streets of this medieval city serve as a continual reminder of its rich cultural past. This charming old village is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a gorgeous setting with loads to do. It has existed for many centuries. Views of the coastline, colorful buildings, quaint cafes, and the well-known fish market are just a few of the many sights to behold. There are even old churches, museums and monuments located all across the city.
The ancient town’s architecture exudes charm, displaying traditional Portuguese design with its whitewashed homes and balconies in the baroque style.

2. Ponta da Piedade
One of the most recognizable and cherished lighthouses in the area is the Ponta da Piedade lighthouse.
The lighthouse, which is 83 feet tall, is proudly perched on a promontory that protrudes into the Atlantic Ocean close to Lagos. It is one of the oldest lighthouses in Portugal, having been constructed in 1797 at the behest of King John VI.
A breathtaking panoramic view of the unending sea and craggy cliffs can be seen from the inside of the tower. Its strong lamp can illuminate ten nautical miles at night, guiding seafarers securely. Locals take pleasure in walks along sheltered coves at low tide, romantic beaches and sunset vistas.
It is more than just a tool for navigating, it is a representation of power and Portuguese maritime heritage.

3. Marina of Vilamoura
Considered the beating heart of Vilamoura, this marina boasts over 1000 berths, making it one of the biggest in Europe. It offers a variety of waterside dining options and cafes, as well as a range of recreational opportunities, like sailing, fishing and diving.
Gorgeously designed gardens and verdant parks encircle the peaceful marina, providing breathtaking views throughout the day. Indulge in some retail therapy at one of the numerous upscale stores strewn throughout the marina, or visit one of the neighboring beaches.
Numerous recreational opportunities are available in the vicinity, such as golf courses, tennis courts and horseback riding establishments.

4. Falesia Beach
The golden dunes and pristine waters of the 6-kilometer coastline are breathtaking. The ochre, rust and orange rock formations that cover the surrounding cliffs offer a distinctive backdrop to the beach’s stunning splendor. Vacationers who want to unwind in a peaceful setting and enjoy first-rate amenities frequently visit Falesia.
Praia do Falésia is the ideal location for an extended stroll along the beach. Walking by the water’s edge and taking in the striking rock formations that define this beach is a delightful experience. You can walk in two directions: eastward to Praia do Barranco das Belharucas or westward to Praia da Rocha Baixinha.
It takes roughly two hours to walk the entire length of the beach from the east to the west of the sandy area. During low tide, you may witness some people gathering conquilhas- little clams.

5. Chapel of the Bones
One of the most well-known places in Faro is the Capela dos Ossos de Faro, also known as the Faro Bones Chapel. With its enormous windows creating a light-filled refuge, it may be one of the greatest structures made of human bones you’ll come across.
An insightful memento, found above the door, reads, “Stop here and think of the fate that will befall you – 1816.” It was left by the Carmelite monks who built the chapel in 1816 on the grounds of the larger church, which dates back to 1719.
The Carmo Church is striking in and of itself, especially the altars that are covered in gold. Both the inside and the outside of this magnificent 18th-century building are breathtaking.
Nonetheless, the main draw for travelers is the peculiar small chapel amidst the church’s gardens.
The Chapel of the Bones is adorned with human skeletons, as its name would imply. More than 1200 monks formerly resided in the long-gone Carmelite monastery where the bones and skulls on display are from.
Though many of the skulls have disappeared (or been stolen) over the years, the chapel remains incredibly lovely.

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Discover the most enchanting attractions in Faro!

carmo church

1. Museu Muncipal
Integrated into the ancient 16th-century convent of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, this exceptional and award-winning cultural spectacle is worth finding only for the gorgeous Renaissance cloister.
The permanent collection covers prehistory, the Roman, Moorish, and medieval eras, as well as the 18th and 19th centuries and it’s arranged chronologically. Roman relics discovered at nearby Milreu are prominently displayed, but while you meander through each gallery in silence, keep an eye out for the expertly made Arab oil lamps, some of which look a lot like Popeye’s pipe.
Admirers of 16th-century sculpture will be mesmerized by the exquisitely carved Manueline statues, but the most impressive display is the massive Roman floor mosaic, which dates to approximately the third century AD and depicts a fierce-looking Neptune.

Discover the most beautiful winter locations in Algarve!

algarve winter

1. Artistic corner
Take time to appreciate the bautiful arts! The Algarve is the perfect place to do this and it’s home to a number of art galleries and an expanding population of artists.
Situated in a beautifully renovated townhouse building in Loulé, Art Catto is an excellent gallery. Additionally, the gallery regularly hosts pop-up exhibitions at Conrad Algarve. LiR Gallery, housed within the operational Lagoa wine cooperative, offers an experience with urban art that is higher quality.

Enjoy the top 3 upcoming events in Algarve!


Portugal’s Algarve is the country’s most well-liked vacation spot. Families and social groups travel here in search of enjoyable experiences.
Tourists make the best summertime memories at events, on patios, at swimming pools, and on beaches. Have a look at the upcoming events if you haven’t made up your mind about when to spend the holidays.
Enjoy the hottest time of the year to the fullest!

1. Loulé – 29 June- 1 July
At the start of the summer, visit Loulé in the Algarve to enjoy the sounds and flavors of several nations.
The Festival Med brings well-known figures in global music from several nations together for a few days in Loulé’s historic center.
The festival, which incorporates dance and street theater performances, as well as artisan exhibitions, showcases diverse types of art under the slogan “music and much more”. The location has a number of restaurants where you may sample the flavors of the regional cuisine of each country to round out this presentation.

2. Medieval Fair of Silves
Every summer for ten nights, Silves changes into a different town during the Silves Medieval Festival, particularly highly regarded by the locals as the area’s premier summertime event.
Visitors act out scenarios that could have happened hundreds of years ago when Silves was the Algarve Kingdom’s capital. You can see both Christian and Moorish practices on the castle’s grounds.
Families watch as jugglers, acrobats, veiled dancers, snake charmers, and noblemen and ladies parade in their finest dress. There are several places to eat and drink that serve regional food, you definitely cannot miss it!

3. Portimão – 5-7 July |
In Portimo’s Praia da Rocha, the biggest hip-hop festival in the world will also take place. The Rolling Loud, which made waves in the US, is making a second trip to Europe and promises to feature huge names in hip-hop and the trap subgenre. The best option is to reserve a vacation apartment because the festival does not offer a camping area. Discover this special festival while in Algarve!

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Enjoy your fairy tale holiday in Faro!


Faro, the capital of Algarve, is simply an effervescent city which attracts thousands of people every year. Even if you’re frequently visiting it, you’re still going to be surprised every single time!

Discover the fascinating history of Faro!


As the most southern town in Portugal, Faro enjoys a unique role in Portugal, offering a wide variety of fascinating tourist attractions.
The history of Faro is ancient and rich, with touches of Phoenician, Roman and Moorish culture still sprinkled around the city, offering interesting unknown things to be discovered.

Discover the enchanting city of Faro!


You cannot miss the opportunity to visit the most beautiful places in the world, amongst which Algarve counts, very popular for its lovely beaches and mesmerizing attractions.

The Silves Medieval Fair


Knights and kings and queens and the music of troubadours from lutes filling the cobblestone streets: will you be there for The Silves Medieval Fair?

If it’s August, we are getting ready to celebrate an awesome event in the Algarve: this year’s edition of the Silves Medieval Festival, which has been scheduled to take place between the 9th and 18th of August.

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