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Faro Transfers is a very important factor when you plan your holiday trip. The Algarve region of Portugal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and Faro is considered to be the gateway to all the attractions and the various locations that the place has to offer.
Lagos is one of those destinations, it is a small town situated in the Western Algarve and with the help of Faro Transfers you will get there in less than an hour in air conditioned comfort thanks to a very good motorway which connects Faro Airport to Lagos.

Lagos has a few great characteristics which makes it a great choice for your Portugal trip. The area has been inhabited for about four thousand years and the town has kept a lot of its medieval charm with a historic castle overlooking it, a virtual maze of narrow cobblestones streets and very warm and welcoming locals.

Besides the local charm Lagos also offers a series of spectacular beaches such as the 2.5 mile long Meia Praia and Amado beach which is extremely popular with windsurfers.

On the other hand if you want to relax and practice your golf swing while in Lagos the place features three of the best golf courses in the Algarve – Parque da Floresta, Palmares and Boavista – and that is saying something considering the fact that the Algarve has over thirty great golf courses.

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is another very popular Algarve destination which can be easily accessed with the help of Faro transfers. Less than a thirty minute drive from the airport and you are in easy reach of a plethora of golf courses, great beaches as well as a vibrant nightlife and of course shopping opportunities.

This fishing town has developed in the past couple of decades into a place tailored for tourists, sporting new restaurants, shops with some huge buildings being undertaken just for the tourists like the Algarve Shopping Center located near Guia or the Albufeira Marina where you can book a sightseeing boat trip as well as fishing trips for those interested.

If you’re visiting this area of Portugal and want to get into the history of the place make sure to explore the older parts of Albufeira, you will feel as you’ve walked back in time thanks to the narrow cobblestoned streets and whitewashed houses.

And of course considering the fact that we are talking about the Algarve here, the great golf courses and beaches cannot be absent, so regardless of your interest Albufeira will find a way of meeting it.

Portimao is yet another popular Algarve destination but not for the same reasons as the ones that we’ve mentioned earlier. It is also very easily accessible with the help of Faro transfers being located just about forty miles from Faro but the town offers a different type of experience to those who choose to visit it.

Portimao is still pretty much a traditional fishing village, with the entire town revolving around its harbor. This includes the main square, gardens shops, restaurants and boutiques they all offer the visitor a taste of what the traditional Portuguese small town life is.

Fresh seafood is of course always on the menu in any restaurant in Portimao as well as its famous charcoal-grilled sardines. Sardines are such a big thing in Portimao that the town hosts a sardine festival each month of August.

While in Portimao you can still enjoy the nightlife with Praia de Rocha being very close-by.

Faro Transfers - next to arrival hall - Faro Airport Caffee

Faro Transfers – next to arrival hall – Faro Airport Caffee

As it is with any place in the Algarve the town is within quick and easy reach of great beaches which are popular with a varied number of visitors whether it’s divers, people who are into sports fishing or just sunbathers.

There are quite a few historic sites which one can visit as well, such as the old villages of Alvor and Carvoeiro as well as Cape St. Vincent and Silves Castle.

These are only three examples of many great locations in the Algarve area of Portugal all of which can be very easily accessed by employing our Faro Taxi transfers services.