What makes Andalucia a perfect getaway from Portugal


Welcome to the beautifully shaped community of Andalucia, the land where passion, poetry, and drama collide. Andalucia is an autonomous community and historical region of Spain, encompassing the provinces of Huelva, Cádiz, Sevilla, Málaga, Córdoba, Jaén, Granada, and Almería.

Andalucia is the living paradox of Spain, where stunning contrasts coexist, from snowcapped mountains to lush green river valleys, and wild gorges.

Andalucia is a blessed region, full of mesmerizing monuments and wonderfully shaped architecture, imprinted with history, mysticism and everlasting beauty and charm. This thing resides in these breathtaking places:

Real Alcazar

Real Alcazar is a magnificent palace complex in the heart of Sevilla blending Christian and Muslim influences among its spectacular architecture.

The palace was originally developed as a fort in 913 and it has been revamped many times over the 11 centuries of its existence, most spectacularly in the 14th century when King Pedro added the sumptuous Palacio de Don Pedro, still today the Alcázar’s crown jewel. More recently, the Alcázar featured as a location for the Game of Thrones TV series.

The fortress of Alhambra from Granada

The name of Alhambra signifies in Arabic “the red” and probably has its roots from the reddish color of the tapia “ rammed earth” of which the outer walls were built.

The fortress’s remarkable architecture shares many characteristics with other examples of Islamic architecture, but is singular in the way it complicates the relationship between interior and exterior consisting of a play of shades and lights, emphazised by the water reflection.

The Great Mosque of Córdoba

Another magnificent mastership which lays in Spain is the Mosque of Cordoba, the oldest structures still standing from the time Muslims ruled Al-Andalus (Muslim Iberia including most of Spain, Portugal, and a small section of Southern France) in the late 8th century.

It is very appreciated itsnotable orthogonal geometry which contrasts with the intricate streets that make up the urban layout of Córdoba and its harmonic and rich decoration which shines under a sea of light.

The Spanish soil is enriched with history, beauty, passion, drama and controverse, but also with sunny days, wonderful beaches and places and thousands of marvels you can take joy in.

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