Discover the most beautiful winter locations in Algarve!

algarve winter

1. Artistic corner
Take time to appreciate the bautiful arts! The Algarve is the perfect place to do this and it’s home to a number of art galleries and an expanding population of artists.
Situated in a beautifully renovated townhouse building in Loulé, Art Catto is an excellent gallery. Additionally, the gallery regularly hosts pop-up exhibitions at Conrad Algarve. LiR Gallery, housed within the operational Lagoa wine cooperative, offers an experience with urban art that is higher quality.
You should also visit Côrte-Real Gallery to uncover a hidden treasure trove of breathtaking artwork. This quaint gallery is off the usual path and has a really distinct atmosphere. Côrte Real is a bit of an adventure just to get to, as it is a long walk from the main path, but it’s definitely worth visiting!

2. Vila Real de Santo António
Welcome to Vila Real de Santo António, a quaint village tucked away on the Portuguese-Spanish border. Its classic 18th-century architecture, tree-lined squares and harbor full with floating boats are what give it its charming charm.
From the majestic Pombaline houses to the famous 19th-century obelisk that stands proudly in Marquês de Pombal Square, a visit here transports you back in time. At the cafes and restaurants along the shore, you may savor the regional food in addition to the rich history.
Discover the town’s many quaint shops and the lively daily market for a lovely shopping experience. Finally, enjoy views of Spain by strolling along the Guadiana River.

3. Silves Castle
Silves Castle, which dominated the landscape for kilometers around, was first constructed in the eighth century, during the Moors’ dominance over the Iberian Peninsula and then renovated in the thirteenth century.
The town was the hub of the Algarve back then, with boats transporting commodities between Portugal and North Africa, before the Arade River slowed down and cut off the town’s access to the sea.
These days, a tour of the massive castle and its lovely gardens will help you understand the prominence the town formerly held. Going with an informed guide will also reveal parts of the castle that you might not otherwise know about.
For additional information about the impact of the Romans, Visigoths and Moors, visit the adjacent archeological museum.

4. Algar Seco
Visiting the Algar Seco is yet another amazing wintertime activity in the Algarve! This network of caverns and fascinating rock formations, created over thousands of years by the unrelenting force of the Atlantic Ocean, features natural pools, sea caves and unusual photo opportunities.
The Boneca, a network of caverns and tunnels that provide breathtaking cliffside views, is not to be missed.

5. Hiking activities
The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail is one of the Algarve’s top winter hiking routes. Hiking along 6.8 miles of breathtaking blue water, dotted with secret caverns and quiet beaches, is an adventure of a lifetime.
The Fisherman’s Trail is another amazing route. This region spans more than 135 miles (220 kilometers) and is divided into 13 sections that can be completed on 4–14 days on the Costa Vincentina.
Try The Dunes of Almograve, a circular hike, for a shorter one-day experience. Some of the most breathtaking sections of the Fishermen’s Trail meet up with this picturesque trail, it’s truly amazing!

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