5 Things to do in Faro

5 Things to do in Faro

The capital city of the Algarve and one of the most important cities in the entire Portugal attracts thousands of visitors, both businessmen and tourists, so for future record, you will surely benefit from finding out more about 5 Things to do in Faro.

Summer may be by now over, but the warm weather has stayed with us well into the months of fall, so even now would be an excellent time to visit the Algarve. Maybe the weather may not be suitable for sunbathing, but a walk along the beaches, admiring the rocky landscape so specific of Faro and the other seaside resorts by the shore of the Pacific Ocean still remains an option.

Faro is more than a littoral town. Its economic and business importance make it appealing to a wide variety of visitors, and its rich architecture, very eclectic, ranging from Roman ruins to Baroque palaces and postmodern complexes makes it relevant from the cultural point of view as well.

If you are interested in museums, you may like to look into the Faro Archaeological Museum, where you can learn everything about the history of the region or even attend one of the events (concerts, vernissages, exhibits) that frequently take place there. Another fascinating Faro attraction is the Centro Ciencia Viva do Algarve, a museum dedicated to the latest science breakthroughs.

For a fairytale day, visit the Estoi Palace (or the Pousada de Faro), an architectural wonder built in neo-rococo style in the 19th century by the wealthy elegant Viscount of Estoi, is today an excellent tourist attractions and a great spa on top of everything. Taking a walk along the French gardens (bringing to mind the fantastic Versailles), filled with exotic flowers and old statues, will make for an unforgettable experience. The interior has been transformed over time, so it will be fascinating to visit the Turkish baths, swimming pools and tea pavilions where tradition meets modernity.

Finally, water sports in summer and a tour of Faro city center are also a couple of excellent suggestions for your trip to this lively place!